Uganda Travel Guide for Tourists (Everything You Need)

Uganda Travel Guide. What to Know Before Safari to Uganda. What to consider before visiting Uganda for safari.

Best Time to Visit Uganda

The Best Time to Visit Uganda is during its two dry seasons: between December and February, and between June and August. As this is the ideal condition particularly good for mountain gorillas and chimpanzees trekking.

Uganda Visa

All citizens of the United Kingdom holding full UK passports will require a visa to enter Uganda. Travelers can apply electronically for a visa or a regular visa via the Ugandan High Commission in London. Previously Ugandan ports of entry, i.e the Entebbe International Airport and a few land border checkpoints, allowed Visa on Arrival.

Uganda Tribe

Uganda as a nation has got a very strong cultural heritage with several regions with Kingdoms that describes different tribes and their culture and these include Buganda, Toro, Bunyoro, Busoga, and Rwenzururu kingdoms. Ugandans are remarkably hospitable people with a diversity of rich cultures and lifestyles each one with its traditional dance.

Uganda Visa Cost

Uganda requires a visa from international travelers unless they are citizens of select exempted countries. Most travelers require a visa to enter Uganda. If you require a visa to enter Uganda, we recommend that you apply via Uganda’s online visa service at may be issued at the point of entry on arrival in Uganda; check with your local Embassy or Consulate of Uganda for further details.

Uganda Food

Uganda is a unique place full of vibrant cultures, fascinating people, and delicious foods. Uganda’s flavourful dishes are more than enough to earn Uganda a space on your bucket list. Uganda has several mouth-watering recipes indigenous to East Africa, so don’t be afraid to try the local cuisine on your next trip there! While planning your Uganda Safari, take a look at some of the most popular Uganda Food.

Things To Do In Uganda

Along with some of the best gorilla tracking and great game drives, the “Pearl Of Africa” also offers endless opportunities to enjoy various Things To Do In Uganda.

  • Uganda Safari Water Rafting
  • Lake Victoria Island Cycling Tour
  • Uganda Safari Volcano Hike
  • Uganda Boat Safaris
  • Lake Bunyonyi Sailing