Kenya Travel Guide for Tourists (Everything to Know)

Kenya Travel Guide. What to Know Before Safari to  Kenya. What to consider before visiting Kenya for safari.

Best Time to Visit Kenya

The best Time to Visit the Kenya safaris tour is considered to be from July to September, as it is the dry season in the country and also corresponds to the popular Great Migration of wildebeest and zebra that you will witness on your Kenya safaris tour.

Kenya Visa

Kenya Visa policy & regulations are there through which the Kenyan government determines who can enter the country without a visa, as well as the requirements for foreign visitors for whom a Kenyan visa is required to travel to, enter and stay within the country. Visa regulations for Kenya safaris tour Tours state that foreign citizens can visit the country of Kenya with a visa

Kenya Tribe

For a very long time, most of us have thought that visiting wilderness, beaches, and excursions but we have an alternative for you. Kenya Cultural Tours is a reflection of the purest forms of the traditional culture of the 42 tribes of Kenya.

Kenya Visa Cost

Reportedly, the tourist Kenya Visa Cost is about US $50 for a 3-month single entry and US $100 for a 3-month double entry. US passport holders can only obtain a US $100 multiple-entry visa. However, if a visitor, while entering Kenya has no visa, then can obtain it from the immigration control officer, a pass, or any other authority to enter the country.

Kenya Food

Kenya Food is also the most delicious and unique one in Africa. Their dishes are available in a traditional way and are always filled with ethnicity. You will need to taste the food and some of the main dishes while on the Kenya safaris tour.

Things To Do In Kenya

As an African country, Kenya is something unique as it is at the top of East Africa’s travel destinations, famous for its unequivocal ecological and natural zones and stunning wildlife. The list of attractions from a broad point of view doesn’t stop here, as the natural hotspots of Kenya offer a lot of wonderful Things To Do In Kenya.

  • Mount Kenya Summit
  • Watching the Great Migration
  • Scuba Diving in the Indian Ocean
  • Visiting Mombasa’s Old Town