Tanzania Travel Guide for Tourists (Everything You Need)

Tanzania Travel Guide. What to Know Before Safari to Tanzania. What to consider before visiting Tanzania for safari.

Best Time To Visit Tanzania

The Best Time To Visit Tanzania is from June to October and from December to March due to the dry season and high animal visibility. The Best Time to See Serengeti Migration and the extraordinary wildebeest calving is from late January to February. As Land becomes wet due to rainfall between April, May, and November and hence is not the Best Month for Tanzania Safari.

Tanzania Visa

Tanzania Visa is required for citizens of many countries like the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and all mainland European nations. Tanzania Visa Application can be done online or at the Embassy. Ovacado Adventure will take care of it. More About Tanzania Visa

Tanzania Tribe

Tanzania is a country that is not only blessed with diverse landforms, landscapes, and abundant wildlife but also a rich cultural heritage. Tanzania Cultural Tours will take you through some of the fascinating tribes of Tanzania that have gained a lot of popularity among international tourists for their way of everyday lifestyle that still follows a nomadic and hunting tradition. There are more than 125 ethnic groups and 100 different languages spoken. Besides culture, Tanzania is multi-religious with Christianity and Muslim being extensively and equally followed.

Tanzania Visa Cost

Reportedly, the tourist Tanzania Visa Cost is about US $50 for a 3-month single entry and US $100 for a 3-month double entry. US passport holders can only obtain a US $100 multiple-entry visa. However, if a visitor, while entering Tanzania has no visa, then can obtain it from the immigration control officer, a pass, or any other authority to enter the country.

Tanzania Food

Tanzania cuisine is all about big flavors, amazing spices, heart-warming stews, and perfectly barbecued meat. We compiled a list of the finest local foods in Tanzania. Some of the most important foods to Tanzania are ugali, mandazi, mitumba, Wali a Nazi, Supu ya Ndizi, Ndizi Kaanga, Mchuzi Wa Samaki, Mishkaki, pilau, chapatti, Wali Na Harage, Mchemsho, and Chipsi Mayai.

Things To Do In Tanzania

Tanzania Safari Tours offers a complete 360-degree safari experience. Whatever your travel wish may be an adventure, wildlife, or relaxation Tanzania Safari offers little extra to everyone who wishes it. Tanzania is such a massive country with so many appealing attractions that it is virtually impossible to visit all spots in one go. Don’t worry. Here is the top list of Things To Do In Tanzania for an enchanting Tanzania Safari Experience.

  • Tanzania Horse Riding Safari
  • Tanzania Safari; Couple Romance Event
  • Serengeti Balloon Safari
  • Tanzania Safari; Bush to Beach Experience